[English Translation] Never taught at school, Never mentioned by financial institutions and Never aware by government: The interest compounding effect of the artificial financial system will bring down the real economy

We have been taught to do savings since our childhood.  Everyone and financial experts say that “the compounding effect” will make your savings very considerable, but no one ever said, “Who is going to pay the terrifying gigantic financial end result of the compounding effect?” Einstein once said, “The compounding effect is more tragic than the explosion of an atomic bomb.” We have savings in the bank and insurance companies that guarantee a minimum rate of return. Once people withdraw large sums when the deposit matures or when the insurance policy has expired, where and how these financial institutions come up with a huge amount of money to pay the principal plus the interest generated by the compounding effect? (Example: When an interest rate of 7.5% per annual being compounded for 10 years, $100 will become $206) In reality, the economy is not growing each year, so how do these financial institutions earn enough principal plus interest from economy and give it back to us? CROSS Capital Group thinks that the ups and downs of the real economy are common, so no one can catch up the accelerating expansion of the compounding value of man-made financial market from real production of real economy.  The following statistical chart is a simulation diagram of "the market capitalization of artificial compounding financial market / debt" and "GDP output from real economy”.

Consequently, in order for human or governments to catch up with this unreachable bubble of artificial compounding financial markets, it will exhaust the resources of the physical world ignorantly and selfishly, and tries to drive-up the economic GDP output to satisfy and pay off the man-made compounding effect bubbles. However the ebb of the economy is common, it cannot be expanded with no limitation as man-made compounding effect (even a land needs a fallow period to be revived in order to provide again in the future; still less the real economy needs to rest too), so people will foolishly "create demands" to meet the supply, plus selfishly plunder the resources of the real word to satisfy people’s needs and solve their own problems, or to pay off the compounding effect bubbles. It will only squander the resources of the earth and moving towards the destruction of human civilization.