[English Translation] How to solve "The disasters brought by the interest compounding effect in artificial financial market "?

In the previous article, CROSS Capital Group mentioned about “Never taught at school, Never mentioned by financial institutions and Never aware by government: The interest compounding effect of the artificial financial system will bring down the real economy” Many people have asked that how the government or the world is going to solve “disasters brought by the interest compounding effect?

There are either stopgap solutions or root solutions for the problem. When it comes to stopgap solutions, many countries have been taking actions, such as printing money, raising new debts to repay old ones; besides they plundering resources or wealth to earn more capital than others; furthermore it may have battles in financial market or start currencies wars to make collapses of creditors or cause debts devaluation. However, all stopgap solutions will eventually bring in catastrophe in financial market and financial shuffles, even could bring in wars in real world, some countries could make money by having wars on the one hand; the wining parties could have more control over physical resources to meet the needs in their financial market and to relief debts on the other hand. Stopgap solutions are selfish, it could only solve self problems, but could cause disasters to others.

When it comes to root solutions, GOD has provided answers in the Old Testament, but because of the selfishness in human world, it can never be achieved. However, we still could have some descriptions about it. During the history in the Old Testament, it was so popular for money lenders to charge interest in the Middle East, especially usury. In this way, the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer, and debts could never be paid under the interest compounding effect. Therefore, debts may be accumulated across generations, and debtors become the slaves for creditors. Under the interest compounding effect, debts can never be finished

GOD had told Israelis the solution, and required them to comply it. GOD said, the seventh year of every seven years is called “the LORD's release”, that is creditors been asked to write off debts if debtors were not able to pay it back until “the LORD's release”. In this way, it can stop and avoid the economic and social problems that been brought by the interest compounding effect.
At the same time, GOD said the rich should not have a thought that “the LORD's release” is near and so looking coldly on the poor countryman and give him nothing. On the contrary, debtors should try their best to pay back debts instead of prolonging it until the coming of “the LORD's release”. In the fact, this is what we had mentioned in the previous article "Cooperation" economy. Please refer to "The JUST Economy with MERCY: Way to solve the gap between rich and poor - the biblical economic structure” Therefore, if human society is still selfish, off the wealth plundered, the financial and economic system will eventually be controlled by few people, and eventually be collapsed.