[English Translation] The Perfect Biblical Economic Cycles

As per the economy of today, it is often either in the situation of "overproduction" or "insufficient supply” and in turn causing the "economic depression" or "economic overheating". The gaps between economic peaks and bottoms are usually large, which therefore brings in some difficulty for people to adapt the variations and result in the gaps between rich and poor. However, consortiums often can have a better understanding about the signals of economic cycles than general people, and they can be immune from violent economic fluctuations. On the other hand, those general people who cannot immune from violent economic fluctuations, whose wealth might be transferred to those have escaped from violent economic fluctuations. Furthermore, if the consortium people are heart misconduct, they can also use their ability of foreseeing the business cycles to plunder other people’s wealth. For example, if some consortiums were facing the issue of overproduction, they might try to stimulate more customer demands to consume the excess supply. However, the consumptions which were over stimulated are often beyond the ability of the consumers, so they have to borrow to do the consumptions. Unfortunately, while the economy reverses down quickly, those who are not able to pay their debt will lose their assets at the same time.

CROSS Capital Group believes that if we can reduce the gaps between economic peaks and bottoms, and prevent it from excessive and over fluctuations, we can in turn reduce the chance of improper wealth transfer or wealth plunder. In such way, general people can also have a better endurance against economic swings and won’t fall into the flood of wealth plunder. But, how could we reduce the economic gaps between Peaks and Bottoms? The Bible has provided the best solution!! Let’s see if human beings can do it.

Business cycles/economic cycles in Bible start with the micro-circulation of every 7 days, a small cycle of every 7 years, and a large cycle of every 50 years. At the 50th year all things have a new start and all property (wealth) reset; automatically return to the fair allocation of the initial state, an equality status in the starting point. This circulation was designed by GOD. In each cycle, GOD commanded human beings to obey some important rules, which you might think unrelated to economic at the first glance, but after further considerations, you can find they have significant economic implications.

To avoid excess or insufficient supply: GOD said “After you have been working for 6 days, you should have a rest at 7th day instead of producing. Furthermore, after you have been working for 6 years, you should have a rest in the 7th year, not working (But GOD will help humanity to have doubled harvest in the 6th year, so that humans would still have enough food in the 7th and 8th year). When it comes to the 50th year, you should have a rest for the whole year, and not working (thus the 49th and 50th year are years for rest, no working).

To take 50 years as a large cycle, we will find human beings are having a rest during 28% of the 50 years, instead of producing. Under such environment, supply and demand could perfectly match, won’t be excessive or shortage, and naturally there won’t be overproduction problem.

If all people could comply with these regulations in current economic system, it is believed the economy will definitely be very stable without having over fluctuations in the business/economic cycles.

In addition, GOD plans to construct a "mutual cooperation" economic system, so 10% output of every 3rd year should be donated to disadvantaged groups, and the natural harvest of every seventh year (which is outputs of non-human work, because every 7th year is a resting year, there will be only natural output from the land) should all be reserved for disadvantaged groups too. To sum up, about 18% of everyone's income will be used to help disadvantaged groups. Imagine that if a country can implement those policies, it must be a peaceful and prosperous country.

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